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Welcome to Casafilm! You're not just entering a hub of freelancers; you're joining a warm and welcoming family of like-minded creatives who have nurtured strong connections over time. We take immense pride in our network of trusted partners and friends who are committed to providing you with the finest professional services tailored to your unique needs.


So why not become a part of our family?

Join us today and experience firsthand the magic of collaboration.

Nathalie Kraft

Nathalie Kraft


As a professional producer with a degree in international film production from the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany, I founded Casa Film as both a service and production company. My passion for professional commercials and hands-on camera work has led me to combine both worlds, making film accessible for a wide range of brands. Whether it's a documentary, feature or an event film, I strive to deliver high-quality productions that exceed expectations

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